Electoral College Votes 2012: 277 electoral college votes to favor Obama, says Nomura

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Electoral college votes will be favorable to US President Barack Obama, according to the latest forecast by the Nomura economic research team on Tuesday’s Election Day, November 6, 2012.

Electoral College Map 2012
Electoral College map
Image Credit: RealClearPolitics

Nomura noted that the number of electoral college votes in favor of the Democrat President rose to 242 against the GOP‘s 180.

The research team reported that the 2012 US Presidential elections will be very close. Nomura expects Obama to win a second term over Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

Based on the Nomura forecast, Obama will be re-elected because he will get two-percentage points, translated into 35 electoral college votes, from four states that include New Mexico, Nevada, Iowa, and Ohio.

The Nomura analysts also predicts that the Republicans will still be in control of the House while the Senate will slightly be in favor of the Democrats.

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