Einstein Is World’s Smallest Horse But A Big First Year Celebrant (Video)

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Einstein: World’s Smallest Horse
Image Credit: Sott.net

Einstein, a miniature stallion from New Hampshire, is the world’s smallest horse, according to reports by several news sites.

The tiny horse, owned by Dr Rachel Wagner and Charlie Cantrell, is about 20 inches in height but has been a big superstar during his birthday celebration this April.

Einstein has captured the hearts of millions that includes Hollywood celebrities like TV talk show  host, Oprah Winfrey. The celebrity host has invited Eintein into her TV show.

During Einstein‘s birth, he was visited by over 4,000 guests who patiently lined up to see the miniature horse that is about 14-inch high.

Below is a YouTube video of Einstein, world’s smallest horse, uploaded by charliecantrell.

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