Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak ‘may resign soon’, to transfer power to Vice-President Omar Suleiman

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A developing news started to circulate among international news sites on Thursday, stating that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak ‘may resign soon’, and Vice-President Omar Suleiman will assume the leadership in Egypt.

Apparently, a senior official of Egypt‘s ruling party told the news that he expects President Mubarak to step down soon and respond to the demands of the protesters, which is now on the 17th day.

According to the latest development about the uprising in Egypt, National Democratic Party (NDP) secretary general Hossan Badrawi and that the Egyptian military is now ready to respond to the ‘demands of the people’.

Reports say that President Mubarak may speak in national TV any time soon and will announce his resignation after ruling the country for almost 30 years, and will turn over the leadership of Egypt to his vice president.

Meanwhile, professionals including doctors and lawyers have joined the thousands of protesters in Tahrir Square in Cairo, on Thursday. All of them are shouting and demanding President Mubarak to resign, and the news that he may resign soon brought them to wild cheers.

Earlier reports said that a talk between the US and Egypt has started, apparently a proposal to President Mubarak’s immediate resignation.

Doctors joined the thousands of protesters in Tahrir Square
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