Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak appoints Omar Suleiman as vice president

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Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak appointed former Intelligence Chief Omar Suleiman as his vice president on Saturday, a position that was said to been vacant since 1981 when he became the president.

According to international news sites currently covering the Egypt protests live, state TV broadcast showed that Omar Suleiman has sworn in as vice president of Egypt, a position that Mubarak served before he was appointed as president 30 years ago.

Apparently, this is the very first time that President Mubarak has appointed a vice president and reports said the move is not yet an assurance the protests will already stop, which started 5 days ago.

As of this writing, protests in major cities still continue particularly in the streets of Cairo, demanding Mubarak to resign as president, wherein recent reports said that 5 people died near the Egyptian Interior Ministry due to gunshot wounds.

Earlier reports revealed that Egyptian government cabinet members had officially resigned but the tens of thousands of protesters were still unhappy and all they want is President Mubarak to resign.

President Hosni Mubarak appoints Omar Suleiman as vice president
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