Egyptian Cabinet officially resigns, protesters back on the streets wants Mubarak out

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Updated: January 30, 2011 1:02 a.m.

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Egyptian cabinet members have officially resigned, as announced by a state television on Saturday, according to Al Jareeza on Saturday, which created a live blog to cover the protests in Egypt.

As being reported, a big number of protesters went back to the streets in Egypt shouting President Hosni Mubarak to step down, as a total number of 27 people have been killed since the protests started on January 25, five days ago.

Tanks have closed the major government offices, as tourists have been flocking to Cairo International Airport rushing to leave the country, which were said to have reached nearly 2,000 foreigners.

According to the news, protesters were not satisfied when President Mubarak announced that a new government will be appointed, as they insist that he should leave his office after 30 years of ruling Egypt.

As of this writing, the casualties involving Egypt protests reached more than 90, as officials in Alexandria told Al Jazeera that their death toll is now 27.

In addition, the ruling party’s headquarters of the ruling party in Luxor, Upper Egypt, was set on fire, as hundreds of angry protesters headed towards Tahrir Square in Cairo.

Earlier reports revealed that Internet and mobile phones went shutdown, as people in the provinces joined the major cities like Cairo in the protest versus Mubarak.

Egypt protests
Photo credit: GAllo/Getty Images/Al Jareeza

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