Egypt protests continue, foreign countries to send planes for evacuation

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Updated: January 31, 2011 6:19 p.m.

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Cairo, Egypt – Protests in Egypt is now on its seventh day, and tens of thousands of Egyptians still continue to rally in the streets who are shouting to a common tune, that President Hosni Murabak should step down from office and leave the country.

President Hosni Murabak photo burned
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As reported by international news sites, Egyptian opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei joined the angry protesters in Tahrir Square in Cairo on Sunday, while an F-16 plane circled above the protesters, and went as low as crew from inside the plane can be seen by protesters.

On the other hand, looters are taking advantage of the situation. Cell phone service was reported to have been restored on Saturday but Internet shutdown continues.

Meanwhile, different foreign countries start their plans for the evacuation of their citizens in Egypt including that from US, Europe, Australia, and fellow Arab nations.

Saudi Arabia was said to have organized about 33 flights early this week to fetch their nationals, while Iraq is likely to provide special flights and Turkey will send five planes to Cairo International Airport.

India, Turkey, and China have also announced to be sending planes to pick up stranded passengers from airports to return to their respective countries.

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