Egypt March of a Million: Egyptians Gathered For A March Of A Million Protest To Demand President Hosni Mubarak To Step Down

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Egypt March of a Million
Egypt March of a Million
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Egyptian protesters reportedly gathered in Cairo‘s Tahrir Square on Tuesday, February 2, 2011 for a “march of a million people“. It was said to be the biggest anti-government demonstration in modern Egyptian history.

According to reports, demonstrators of all denominations were united to force Hosni Mubarak to leave his post. Women, men and even children poured into the central square from morning until evening ignoring the government’s 3pm curfew.

Meanwhile, a vast of protesters massed in front of Qaed Ibrahim mosque near El-Raml station in the Mediterranean port in Alexandria, the country’s second city. They also gathered for a “march of a million” protest against Mubarak. The demonstration in Alexandria and Cairo took place at the same time as reported by several news sites. They are all demanding for Mubarak to resign as president.

On the other hand, the military officials said that they respect the “legitimate rights of the people” and would not fire on demonstrators and will not use violence against protesters.

Despite the numbers of protesters, Mubarak seems to ignore the message of the people. Earlier this week a re-shuffle of cabinet members and appointing a new vice-president was said to be the answer of Mubarak to appease the public’s growing anger. However, protesters said that he missed the entire point that the people want him to do.

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