Egypt gas terminal explosion causes massive fire, Israel gas supply cut off

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A gas terminal in Egypt exploded on 12th day of protests which caused a massive fire, as Israel gas supply was temporary cut off as a safety precaution, according to international news sites on Saturday.

The gas terminal explosion occurred in northern Sinai Peninsula on Saturday caused a massive fire and can be seen from dozens of miles away, but no one was reported to have been injured.

Egyptian regional governor Abdel Wahab Mabrouk told the news that the fire was under control before noon, and suspected to be a ‘sabotage’ act. No further details were disclosed.

Meanwhile, el-Arish gas terminal technicians were advised to close the valves controlling the gas flow from the pipelines that transport natural gas to Syria, Jordan, and Israel, although the damaged pipe was for Jordan only.

On the other hand, uprising in Egypt still continue as huge protests in Alexandria and Cairo escalated despite reports that US is having talks with Egyptian top officials.

According to earlier reports, a a proposal was raised that President Hosni Mubarak will resign and Vice President Omar Suleiman to take over with the support of the Egyptian military.

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