Egypt 2011: Facebook and Twitter, Did They Play a Crucial Role in Toppling Down Hosni Mubarak?

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Facebook and Twitter are two online social networking sites which are believed to have played a crucial role in toppling down President Hosni Mubarak’s political power. Local and International news sites had reported on the development of the events from January to February 2011.

The Internet outage on January 27, 2011 however, made it quite difficult for the protesters in Egypt to communicate. But it did little to stop their fervor and resourcefulness. In addition the world has noticed and stood aghast because it was the first time a country’s online connection has been disabled.

Learning of the predicament, Twitter and Google launched the application, “Speak to Tweet,” which tweeted messages via a phone number. The method has made it possible for people to coordinate their movements and plans. Groups stayed inside rooms integrating, translating and passing on messages through “Speak and Tweet.”

When the Internet was finally restored on February 2, 2011, the uprising in Egypt continued more than ever.  It can be said that online communication has brought Egypt’s plight to the rest of the world, and it is apparent that Egypt’s political leaders had to “behave” or they would suffer harsh judgment by the entire world.

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Twitter and Facebook have been used extensively throughout the Egyptian revolt. It is also a vital part of Tunisia’s protests. In the Philippines during the devastating typhoon Ondoy, hundreds of lives were saved by Twitter. Concerned citizens would tweet locations of persons who were in need of help and rescuers were able to save them on time.

Twitter and Facebook have indeed played a crucial role not only in Egypt’s protests, but also in other countries in need of a broad, speedy and easy communication method. These online sites made the world their stage. While Facebook started the fire in its pages, Twitter has turned the flames into one uncontrollable conflagration that was difficult to contain.

With the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak on February 11, 2011, most of Egypt rejoiced. The social networking site-Facebook and micro blogging site-Twitter rejoiced with the exultant Egyptian protesters in what may be called an Internet– inspired revolution.

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