Edmonton Zoo Elephant Lucy Requested By Georges Laraque To Be Moved To An Animal Sanctuary For $100,000 Offer

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Edmonton Zoo Elephant Lucy
Lucy The Elephant in Edmonton Zoo
Image Credit: Postmedia News, Global News

Former NHL enforcer Georges Laraque has written a letter to Edmonton Mayor Stephen Mandel. He is requesting the city of Edmonton to move the 35-year-old Asian elephant to a warm-weather elephant sanctuary in exchange for $100,000 donation to fund projects in Edmonton, international news reported.

Laraque was said to have approached People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) a month ago with the idea of offering a cash in exchange for Lucy, spokeswoman Lisa Wathne said.

“He knows that we’ve been involved in efforts to get Lucy out of the zoo,” Wathne said. “He wanted our opinion on the letter and we said, ‘Absolutely. Go for it,'” she added.

According to reports, Lucy has been the only elephant at the Valley Zoo and is in ailing health.

Lucy’s serious health problems and the signs of mental distress that she has long exhibited are reason enough to send her to a sanctuary in a warmer climate, but I hope that my proposal creates even more incentive” Laraque was quoted in his letter.

Meanwhile, a spokesman from the mayor’s office said that they will review the letter and said that Lucy is fine right where she is and that moving her south would kill her.

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