Earless rabbit born near Fukushima nuclear power plant goes viral, result of radiation? (Video)

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An earless rabbit was recently born near the Fukushima nuclear power plant, as shown in the video below, now goes viral, and there were doubts that it could possibly be a result of radiation.

Japan’s earless rabbit
Image Credit: yuunosato/YouTube

As noted in caption below the YouTube video, translated in English, the “mutant” earless bunny was recently born in Namie, Tsushima, which is outside the 30-kilometer radiation area.

The YouTube video was uploaded by a Japanese concern citizen last May 21, 2011, with links to other Japanese videos, and worrying about the safety of their children.

Apparently, the rabbits were said to have been housed in an outdoor bunny pen, and are eating wild grass, as the earless rabbit has been claimed to be the first of its kind.

Nevertheless, some Japanese comments suggest that this defect may also happen to babies to be born in the future and are blaming the current radiation crisis in their country.

Meanwhile, others are calling the attention of Tokyo Electric Power Company and wondering how the agency will react if this kind of abnormality will happen to children in the near future.

However, some reports say that it is quite unlikely that the earless bunny is a result of radiation although the radiation effect poses some danger particularly to Japanese children.

“Yes, radiation can cause mutations that can be occasionally expressed as obvious birth defects, such as shown in the video,” Colorado State University’s Department of Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences professor emeritus F. Ward Whicker was quoted at AOL.com.

“However, to say this is the result of contamination from the Fukushima accident is a stretch, because natural radiation, as well as many other chemical substances in the environment and other factors, can also be mutagenic.” Whicker added.

Earless rabbit born at Fukushima nuclear power plant
Video Credit: yuunosato/YouTube

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