Eagle Tries To Snatch Kid Video Goes Viral

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Eagle Tries To Snatch Kid

Eagle tries to snatch kid
Image Credit: Youtube Screen Grab

A video of an eagle that tried to snatch a kid has gone viral after it was uploaded on Youtube on Tuesday, December 18, 2012.

The video, titled “Golden Eagle Snatches Kid,” was reportedly taken at a park in Montreal, Canada. As shown below, the eagle flying over the park seemed to think that it found a prey and decided to snatch it. The kid was taken about 3 feet above the ground before the eagle dropped him.

The child seemed fine after what happened.

Below are some of the reactions from people on Reddit:

“I can’t believe that was real.” – zna

“That was terrifying.” – Slugwebster

“He would have a hard time explaining that one to his wife” – tripelt

“I felt bad for laughing, but I said ‘Oh Sh*t!’ in perfect unison the guy in the video.” – jose_con_queso

“What’s the most interesting thing about this video is how possible it was for that bird to fly away with that kid with relative ease. They can carry heavier loads than that. My guess is he let go because of how the jacket felt on his skin. It just didn’t feel like food that he can eat.” – noksky

Below is the video of the eagle trying to snatch a kid:

Eagle tries to snatch kid
Credit: Youtube / MrNuclearCat

Update: Eagle Tries To Snatch Kid Video is Fake?

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