EADS New Plane ZEHST Revealed By European Aerospace Giant

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EADS, European ZEHST rocket plane
ZEHST: Computer-generated EADS new plane
Image Credit: EADS

EADS, European aerospace giant, revealed its futuristic “Zero Emission Hypersonic Transportation” (ZEHST) rocket plane project on Sunday, June 19, 2011, according to reports by several international news sites.

Based on the reports, EADS expects the less-pollution aircraft to fly from Paris to Tokyo in just 2.5 hours by 2050. ZEHST flight will carry around 50 to 100 passengers.

The ZEHST aircraft will use normal engines powered by seaweed biofuel during take off and switch on rocket engines when it reaches its cruising altitude of 32 kilometers (20 miles). The rocket engines will be powered by hydrogen and oxygen that will only emit water vapor.

When going down, the rocket engines will be shut-off to let the aircraft glide down and the regular engines will be restarted just before landing.

The first ZEHST prototype is expected to be ready in 2020 and start its service flight by 2050.

EADS chief technical officer Jean Botti announced the project at Le Bourget airport on the eve of the Paris International Air Show.

The ZEHST project is a collaboration between EADS and Japan.

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