Dwight Howard throws ball at Chris Quinn’s head Video goes viral

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Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard throws off the ball to the head of Chris Quinn of San Antonio Spurs during their NBA game on Thursday, in which the YouTube video now goes viral.

Apparently, the incident took place in the fourth quarter of the Magic vs Spurs on December 23 in Orlando, Florida, where the Magic won with the score of 123-101.

It was supposed to be a simple play by Dwight Howard when he made an offensive rebound against Chris Quinn under the basket after a missed shot by a another team player.

The 6”11’ Howard Magic center won the ball against the 6”2’ Quinn Spurs guard player, but the former tipped the ball and seemed to have lost balance on the baseline.

Later, Howard throws off the ball at Chris Quinn’s head, bounced at the side of the basket, and the Magic regained possession of the ball.

While some YouTube commentators says that the incident was hilarious, others were offended and complained that Dwight Howard should be called for a technical foul.

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