Dwight Howard offers: Lakers denies trade rumors

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Dwight Howard‘s offers from other NBA teams has been the recent rumor circulating, in and around the NBA.

Trade talks on Howard may have been due to the inconsistency in the game of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Sports analysts say that on paper, the Lakers team is considered as one of the top contenders for this season’s championship.

However, the supposedly formidable Lakers is currently in 12th place in the Western Conference with a 17-24 (win-loss) record. They have lost their last three games and has only won five games on the road.

With the Lakers record heading south, questions are being raised if Howard is a fit for the LA.

Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak quickly shoot down the rumors of a Howard trade. Kupchak explained,

I don’t think we’re at the point where you say, ‘It’s time for a trade,’ and a trade happens in three to four days. That’s just not how this league works.

The Lakers denial of a trade offer may not yet be in the works, but a few losses may soon change their mind. Kobe Bryant‘s frustration may also force them to quickly come up with a decision.

Bryant expressed his disappointment after the Lakers lost to the Chicago Bulls on Tuesday night, January 22, 2013. According to Bryant,

Obviously, this isn’t working … I’ve tried to go out of my way to get (Howard) the ball … I’ve constantly tried to help him out, tried to talk to him. Two o’clock in the morning, three o’clock in the morning. Texting him. Sharing reading materials. Anything to try and help him. He’s coming off a major surgery in a market where it’s just merciless; where there’s demands and responsibilities of athletes. It’s been tough on him.

Howard was acquired by LA in a four-team trade with Orlando, Philadelphia and Denver during the off-season.

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