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Duterte To Burn The Singapore Flag?

By on May 2, 2016 in Asia, Local, Politics Comments

A news story published on Straits Times has been circulating and going viral online about presidential candidate Rody Duterte saying that he will “burn the Singapore flag after the Singapore embassy seeks legal advise.”

Straits Times quoted the Maharlikan blog site when Duterte said: “Humanap kayo ng flag ng Singapore, susunogin ko p*tangina.” (Find me some Singaporean flag and I’ll burn it, Son of a b*tch!). Duterte reportedly said this in his political rally held at Daet, Camarines Norte.

According to their reports, Duterte said the controversial statement “after the Mayor heard that the Singaporean Embassy is mulling on filing charges on some supporters of the Mayor who uploaded a photo of Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Long allegedly endorsing Duterte.”

Is this true? Did he really threaten to burn the Singapore flag because of the mentioned reason? I did some investigation, searched for the video and found this:

Credit: GMA News / Richard Pranela

The context: Duterte was decribing an event in 1995 when he personally burned the flag of Singapore after his request to delay the execution of Flor Contemplacion was denied by the government of Singapore. He is not daring to burn the flag of Singapore today because of the reasons mentioned by the Maharlikan blog. He is just telling a story that happened in 1995, when most Filipinos were also angry after the government of Singapore executed Flor Contemplacion. Duterte was taken out of context.

Meanwhile, a witness of the event, Niko Pepito, was quoted by Rachfeed saying: “I was in there in the rally at Daet but I think he never said that or I missed it, but I listened attentively and I never heard him say that.”

Is this another case of black propaganda or irresponsible journalism? You be the judge.

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