Dusty the Cat Burglar steals items every night from neighbors for three years (Video)

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A cat burglar named Dusty in California is being reported to be stealing different items from neighbors every night for three years, as shown in the video below, as reported KGO-TV on Monday.

Dusty the Cat Burglar steals at night
Photo credit: KGO-TV

According to the report, Dusty the Cat steals every night from houses within their neighborhood in San Mateo County, and brings them home, as claimed by his owners Jean Chu and Jim Coleman.

Amazingly, the cat burglar steals anything, from towels to underwear, forgotten toys, shoes, socks, swim wears etc.; as Dusty’s owners told the news that the stolen items have reached more than 600 with an average of 11 items a night, in those three years.

To prove the claim, Animal Planet TV show ‘Must Love Cats‘ recently installed a night-vision video camera outside the house for a week, and Dusty the Cat was caught in the act stealing every night.

Apparently, the neighbors already know that Dusty the Cat has been stealing items from them, but they never reported it to the police since they know where the cat burglar will bring them to.

Dusty the Cat Burglar steals at night for three years
Video credit: KGO-TV

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