Ducks cross highway in Toronto, Canada, safely avoided fast running vehicles while crossing (Video)

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A family of ducks crossed a highway in Toronto, Canada back in May, and was caught on video as shown below. The mother duck and her ducklings were crossing the busy street, avoiding fast-running vehicles and eventually succeeded. Their hair-raising adventure attracted international news and is now going viral.

Ducks cross highway

Ducks cross highway in Toronto, Canada
Image Credit: CTV News video

According to last month, the heart-stopping adventure happened last May 2, and the 1-minute incident was caught on camera by a CTV News chopper cameraman, with the mother duck seemed to be leading her ducklings while they were crossing Highway 407, near Dixie Road north of Toronto.

On the first part of the video, the ducklings can be seen falling in line and following their mother, as it hurriedly crossed the Toronto highway and no vehicle is passing by. But at one point, she can be seen stopping after her ducklings were swayed by the strong wind brought about by a fast huge truck on the third lane.

Before they reached the fourth lane, a fast-running car nearly missed the ducklings and the ducks stopped from walking and apparently lucky since no vehicle immediately followed. However, a long truck loaded with cars passed by as they approach the next lane and the ducklings were blown away in different directions.

Nevertheless, the mother duck, along with her at least eight siblings managed to cross safely the remaining lanes without any of them being injured. Some commentators noted that drivers may have seen them from afar and avoided them, while others say that the crossing ducks were just lucky to have survived their thrilling adventure.

“The video is truly amazing. 407 ETR offers all of its customers a fast, safe, and reliable trip. In this case, our customers included a family of ducks, and we were pleased to see it work out so well.” Kevin Sack, vice-president of communications and government relations for the highway, was quoted at Toronto Star.

Ducks cross highway in Toronto, Canada
Video Credit: shanu manu/YouTube/CTV News

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