Drive Thru Prank By Magic Of Rahat Goes Viral (Video)

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A drive thru prank video has gone viral after it was posted on Youtube, tricking drive thru employees into thinking that the car is empty and drives by itself.

drive thru prank explained by Rahat

Drive Thru Prank being explained by Rahat
Image Credit: Youtube screen grab

Magic of Rahat posted the viral video on Tuesday, January 8, 2013, and has been viewed at nearly 4 million times already at the time of this writing.

In the drive thru prank video as shown below, Rahat showed how he managed to trick drive thru employees by wearing a seat costume making the driver looks invisible. The reactions of the employees were priceless.

“There’s no one in the car! The car just pulled up. There’s no one in it,” a group of drive thru employees reacted after seeing the “empty car”.

“Am I trippin’ son?” one of the prank victim said. Then she instructed another employee to take a picture of the car and said, “Instagram that joint.”

“Oh, my God!,” another drive thru prank victim, obviously shocked, said.

Meanwhile, the best reaction I think goes to that McDonald‘s drive thru employee at 2:35 mark of the video. He closed and open his window three times, looked away and looked back, expecting that the driver might magically appear. 🙂

Below is the Drive Thru Prank Video by Rahat. Enjoy!

Drive Thru Prank Video
Credit: Youtube / MagicOfRahat

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