Dr. Richard Hoover’s Findings Support Theory that Aliens Exist

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Fresh Fragment of Orgueil CI1 Meteorite Showing Filaments
Image Credit: Journal of Cosmology, Dr. Hoover’s Paper

Dr. Richard Hoover ‘s findings support the theory that aliens exist based on evidence of bacterial fossils found on a meteorite at the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville AL. The findings were revealed in the Journal of Cosmology, March 4.

Dr. Hoover had determined that the microfossils found in the carbonaceous meteorites were not of earthly origin, but were apparently the remains of a cyanobacteria from outer space. CI1 carbonaceous meteorites are uncommon and there are only 9 known to NASA.

In the Journal of Cosmology, to Dr. Hoover et al stated in their abstract that the microfossils were similar to trichomic cyanobacteria and trichomic prokaryotes. State of the art technology was also utilized to ascertain that no contamination occurred and that all data obtained were of utmost reliability. Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopy was done coupled with ElectroScan Environmental Scanning Electron Mircroscope (ESEM) and many more

Dr. Hoover is a respected Astrobiologist  of  NASA, and his results are considered reliable. Scientists and experts from all over the world are invited however, to examine the paper’s findings for recommendations or questions.

Dr. Hoover et al in their conclusion of their research stated that:

“It is concluded that the complex filaments found embedded in the CI1 carbonaceous meteorites represent the remains of indigenous microfossils of cyanobacteria and other prokaryotes associated with modern and fossil prokaryotic mats.”

In layman’s terms, the microfossils that  the group of Dr. Hoover found in the meteorites are from previously growing microorganisms. This supports the theory that alien life exists outside of this place, called earth.

Additional information is provided at the Journal of Cosmology.

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