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DPWH officials Facebook photo photoshopped criticized, agency apologizes

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Manila, Philippines – The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) was heavily criticized on Thursday, September 29, 2011 over a photo of its three officials allegedly photoshopped.


Alleged photoshopped photo of DPWH officials
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Image Credit: Pierre Albert San Diego

As noted by a civil engineer named Pierre Albert San Diego on his blog on Wednesday, he noticed a photo of three DPWH officials posted on its official Facebook page, which he claimed was photoshopped.

On the said photo, DPWH Undersecretary Romeo Momo, Metro Manila Regional Director Reynaldo Tagudando and South Manila District Engineer Mikunug Macud were talking, with the background showing the damaged Manila Bay seawall due to typhoon Pedring.

“If you didn’t have knowledge in Adobe photoshop, you would’ve just glanced at it and moved on with your life, but I’ve used the software since I was in high school (I’m 30 now) so I kinda noticed.” San Diego wrote on his blog.

“So I re-checked the image and concluded that DPWH fabricated this picture. Why they had to edit it and not just simply compose a photo with all three guys, I do not know.” San Diego added, who included the alleged photoshopped picture on his blog post along with his observations.

“Some say this is a very minor issue, but I see this is as a nice sample of DPWH‘s lack of integrity. If they can fabricate simple things like this, just imagine what these guys can do to progress billings and acceptance of projects.” San Diego continued.

Apparently, the original copy of the photo on Facebook was immediately deleted after earning tons of negative comments, with others posted the same photo but photoshopped again and mocked the agency.

However, some Facebook commentators demanded for an explanation for the photoshopped picture with DPWH releasing an apology statement a day after.

“We apologize for the photo release… it was not cleared yet before the staff posted it. It was already replaced. Beth Pilorin, Chief, PID.” A statement was posted on DPWH Facebook page.

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