Dorothy McGurk $850 Disability Alimony Stripped Because of Belly Dancing Claims in Her Blog

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Dorothy McGurk
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Dorothy McGurk was stripped of a $850 Disability Alimony for life, because her ex-husband has read her blog and snippets of her conversations stating that she has belly-danced all her life. This was reported by various news sites, April 17, 2011.

In her blog McGurk claimed that,

“My belly dancing is the reason why I adore myself so much.”

Her ex-husband has collected snippets of her statements from Facebook and used them as evidence against her when she claimed that she was not really belly dancing but just posing and moving the veil around her arms, and using belly dancing as a therapy.

Dorothy McGurk had figured in an accident in 1997 and had a spinal injury. Her ex-husband Brian McGurk had awarded the $850 per month for life. Due to what the ex saw and read from Facebook and her blog, he had presented these as evidences of her being able to work for a living.

Dorothy however claimed that “everyone was just confused by the pics.” Supreme Court Judge Catherine DiDomenico however, reduced her alimony to $400 a month, ordered her to pay attorney’s fees, and ruled in favor of Brian McGurk.

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