Donations via text message to US politicians like President Obama and Mitt Romney now approved by FEC

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The Federal Election Commission (FEC) unanimously approved on Monday, June 11, 2012 the sending of donations via text message to US politicians like President Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, and other federal candidates.

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As noted at US news sites on Tuesday, FEC now allows politicians to accept up to $50 donations via text message from individual supporters, the same principle behind the Haiti earthquake contributions back in 2010 that reportedly raised about $32 million.

According to Washington Post, the idea came from two political consulting firms, Armour Media and Red Blue T, in which a third-party aggregator will be collecting the donations via text, and will take up to 60 days for the campaigns to receive the money, since cell phone bills are being billed on a monthly basis.

“Just when corporate billionaires were about to hijack the 2012 elections, the FEC gave millions of Americans the power to match them through small donations on their cell phones,” Armour Media president Mark Armour was quoted in the report, who is also the former press secretary of Al Gore.

Just like any charitable contribution, the donors will contribute by texting to a special code assigned to a specific political candidate and will later receive a confirmation message, which will be monitored by m-Cube, one of the organizations that requested FEC to allow political donations via text message.

The company stressed out to the FEC that the tracking of the amount being donated via text will prevent excessive campaign contributions, noting that they will not accept donations coming from pre-paid cell phones as well as from foreign numbers, a major concern why earlier petitions were rejected.

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