Donald Trump Polls, Is he really a serious contender for 2012 elections?

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Donald Trump
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According to a recent national poll, Donald Trump does not have the qualities that most Americans naturally look for in a political candidate like sincerity, compassion and capability to run the government.

However, based on a survey released Friday by the CNN/Opinion Research Corporation they point out that the public thinks the rich entrepreneur, real estate tycoon and reality TV personality is clever, strong enough to take care of a crisis and not a usual politician.

Rumors had been running around about his political ambition to run for president and say he will make public his decision by June if ever he runs for a bid in the Republican presidential nomination.

In a poll done last weekend, before the Osama Bin Laden killing, 82% say he is intelligent, 67% say he is not your typical politician, 57% say he is strong enough to take care of a crisis, 51% say he can get the economy moving again and 50% say he is likable.

Although based on the same survey only 37% say he can handle the government, 34% say he is sincere, 32% say he is someone they approve of. Merely 27% say he has the right know-how to be president, 26% say he has the feel for the Americans and 24% say he shares their principles.

As survey further illustrates, he is not even getting any following from the Republicans whom will be the first to vote to propel him in the GOP nomination.

According to¬†CNN Polling Director Keating Holland, Republicans are generally considered more pro-business than Democrats or independents, but most Republicans don’t admire Trump or think he has the right experience to be president, and most GOPers don’t think Trump shares their values or is in touch with ordinary American”.

Based on a CNN poll, up to 6 in 10 say they have an adverse outlook on Trump. In a hypothetical 2012 general election matchup he even trails Obama by 22 points.

“Slightly more Americans think Trump can get the economy moving than feel that way about President Obama, but the president has a major advantage over Trump on honesty, likeability, and skills at managing the government,” adds Holland.

This poll was done April 29 – May 1, with 1,034 adult Americans questioned via telephone. Every part of the interview was accomplished before President Obama announced the death of Bin Laden. This survey, done by the CNN/Opinion Research Corporation, has an overall sampling error of plus or minus 3% points.

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