Don Homuth Donates Rare, Orlando Ferguson’s “Flat World Map” to the Library of Congress

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Flat Earth Map
Image Credit: Don Homuth

Don Homuth, from West Salem has donated his rare “flat world map” to the Library of Congress, as reported by US news sites, June, 2011.

The flat world map was given to Don Homuth by his math teacher 40 years ago. The map is an original “Map of the Square and Stationary Earth” created in 1893 by Orlando Ferguson.

Reportedly, Ferguson was a real estate developer, who represented earth as a “rectangular slab with dimpled upper surface.” The map had also four angels at its four corners.

Ferguson’s map was apparently based on biblical teachings and facts already known to man. There are reportedly three more existing “flat world maps,” but Don Homuth’s map was “the only entirely intact copy of the map.”

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