Domodedovo Airport back to normal, Putin reprimands top officials for flight delays issues

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Moscow, RussiaDomodedovo Airport resumes operation on Monday and has been back to normal, but Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin reprimanded top officials on Wednesday regarding issues on flight delays, according to Russian news sites.

As published on RIA Novosti, Domodedovo, the largest airport in Moscow, has resumed its normal operation but left thousands of stranded passengers apparently not being treated properly and were not informed thoroughly by airport officials about their delayed flights.

This prompted Prime Minister Putin to reprimand airport and airline officials particularly from Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo airports and Aeroflot Airlines and ordered high-ranking officials not to have their New Year vacation until further notice.

“How did you work with people? Not at all. Domodedovo airport was actually left without electricity, but people continued to come to the airport. Where was the alert?” Mr. Putin was quoted as saying, referring to the power failure at the airport with thousands of stranded passengers.

“It was nowhere…What work is this, I wonder? You should have warned people that the airport was out of order, no flights possible.” The Russian Prime Minister added.

Over the weekend, Moscow airports flights were canceled and delayed due to severe winter condition, while Aeroflot Airlines suffered from shortage of de-icing fluid, which is being supplied from other countries.

Meanwhile, other Russian news also revealed that airport and airline official might be prosecuted due to alleged violation of human rights of some stranded passengers at the airport.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev ordered the country’s Prosecutor General to investigate deeply the complaints of a lot of stranded passengers, who were interviewed in Russian TV news reporters.

Allegedly, there were food shortages, lack of space and inappropriate customer service from airport and airline officials.

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