Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem UFO sighting caught on video on the same time by different people? (Videos)

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Numerous YouTube videos about ‘UFO sighting in Jerusalem’ have been uploaded over the weekend, apparently from different people at the same, who claimed they saw a glowing orb on top of the Dome in the Rock on Friday, January 28, 2011.

As explained by multiple witnesses which includes nearby residents and foreigners, the glowing orb went down slowly and stops above the Dome in the Rock in Jerusalem, Israel, as shown in the videos below.

After about 20 seconds, a small spark was seen and the ‘UFO’ shoots upward to the sky very quickly.

Apparently, these individuals came from different places near the Dome in the Rock, who were said to have seen the ‘UFO’ at the same time on different angles, at around 1 a.m. (Israel time).

The first and second videos were said to have been from two different residents nearby, while the third one came from a tourist who happened to be nearer the area.

At one point, two videos were put together to show how consistent the ‘UFO’ moved and to prove that the videos are for real and were taken simultaneously.

Most YouTube commentators who love analyzing ‘UFO sightings’ said this is the first time they saw such fascinating videos, which they claim to be very convincing.

UFO – Dome of the rock – Temple mount – Jerusalem 28.01.2011
Video credit: eligael/YouTube

Jerusalem UFO, Two Videos Synchronized
Video credit: Novolved/YouTube

Jerusalem UFO: Another group of people video tape the same object
Video credit: rodandgracie/YouTube

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