Dogs at Minami Soma, Fukushima Rescued by Japanese Volunteers

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Fukushima, Minami Soma Dogs
Strayed Dogs at Minami Soma
Image Credit: AP Photo/Hiro Komae

According to several international news reports on Thursday, a group of Japanese volunteers braved the nuclear exclusion zone to rescue stray dogs.

Etsumi Ogino initiated the effort when she saw a news photo of a pack of shelties wandering around an abandoned town near the nuclear plants. It was reported that she immediately contacted the website that featured the photos and asked for the details on the dogs’ whereabouts. She was informed that the dogs were found on an empty street in Minami Soma city in Fukushima.

Ogino gave the information to Sheltie Rescue, a team of animal rescuers. They were able to track the owner of the dogs thru emails and internet research, and asked her permission to rescue the dogs.

The volunteers rescued the dogs early Sunday morning. To protect themselves from radiation, the volunteers prepared radiation suits and other wore simple vinyl raincoats.

The group were able to save a total of 20 dogs. Most of them were taken to a veterinary clinic. The owner, who refused to be named, was “extremely happy.”

“They were waiting for their owner,” Tamiko Nakamura, a volunteer who went with the group was quoted saying.

Nakamura said that there are still countless others stranded in the evacuation zone. “There are still some left behind. I’m concerned about them and want to pull them out,” she said.

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