Dog’s amazing last meal goes viral, owner says goodbye to dying dog with best last meal ever (Video)

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A dog’s amazing last meal goes viral at Reddit and YouTube, as shown in the photo and video below. Reddit user Nikolaoss first posted a photo of Lennox the Dog at Reddit on Wednesday, January 23, 2013, which he said a boxer dog of his roommate and will be put down due to its severe illness.

Lennox Dog's amazing last meal

Lennox the Dog and his amazing last meal
Image Credit: Nikolaoss/Reddit

“He has severe cancer and arthritis. After many surgeries, which include a tumor on his left ear which you can see had surgery on. Now there is a huge growth on his left shoulder that you can see in the pic, he can barely walk on that side, and barely gets up anymore.” Nikolaoss wrote at Reddit that day.

“Thanks for all the comments; my roommate appreciates it a lot. This post isn’t meant to be sad in any way. He lived like an absolute boss all his life! And the meal reflects that!” Nikolaoss added, who later that day posted a video at YouTube of Lennox eating his last meal.

As shown in the video, which was intentionally made without a sound probably to make it solemn, the dog’s amazing last meal was placed in a plate and includes rice, sausages, a turkey leg, and bacon which Lennox ate first. The owner was even seen holding the turkey leg so that the dog can enjoy it more until the last bite.

When Nikolaoss announced at Reddit that the video is already available at YouTube, he noted that Lennox passed away peacefully at 3:45pm that day. On the video description, Nikolaoss thanked all the support they received, and that the story was featured in some news sites including Huffington Post and CBC Ottawa.

Ideally, dogs should not be fed with cooked bones, since it makes them hard and are therefore dangerous to them. Cooked bones splinter and can cause intestinal injuries to dogs, and can even damage their teeth. But for Lennox, it does not matter anymore. The more important thing for him now is that he enjoyed his last but amazing meal.

Lennox the Dog eating his last meal
Video Credit: Nikolaoss/YouTube

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