Dog with human face adoption: Tonik waits for dog takers (Video)

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Tonik Dog with human face

Tonik, dog with human face for adoption
Credit: Reno Mills Photography

Tonik, the dog with a human face, is now waiting for someone who is willing to adopt him from the Homeward Bound Animal Welfare Group, Inc., Mishawaka, Indiana.

The dog is reportedly a one-year-old, 11-pound mix-breed of Poodle and Shih Tzu with an “eerily humanoid” face.

A report by Petfinder said that Tonik was earlier saved from a Kentucky kill shelter.

Photos of Tonik went viral due to its similarity to Homo sapiens looks.

Reports say that prospective adopters of Tonik may rise to due the attention being accorded by media.

Are you willing to adopt Tonik?

See the video below to help you decide whether the dog with a human face deserves the attention for adoption.

Tonik: Dog with a human face
Credit: HuffPost Live

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