Dog trip to Ireland by mistake instead to Arizona, after United Airlines put him on wrong flight (Video)

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A dog had a trip to Ireland recently instead to his hometown in Phoenix, Arizona, after United Airlines put him in the wrong flight. Hendrix, a six-year-old English Springer Spaniel, was mistakenly placed in a plane in New Jersey airport bound to Shannon, Ireland. A news video is available below.

Meredith Grant Hendrix dog trip to Ireland

Meredith Grant and Hendrix, after dog had a
mistake trip to Ireland instead to Arizona

Image Credit: CNN

According to a report at CNN this Saturday, March 16, 2013, Edith Lombardo-Albach of Staten Island, New York said that Hendrix was supposed to arrive in Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in Arizona on Thursday night. However, the airlines informed them that their dog was accidentally sent to Ireland.

As noted in the report, United Airlines spokeswoman Megan McCarthy told Hendrix‘ owners about the flight error around 10 minutes before the arrival of the plane in Phoenix, which was supposed to carry their dog. Nevertheless, McCarthy emphasized that the airline company took immediate action to the problem.

Apparently, she and her family were moving from New York to Arizona that time. Her daughter Meredith Grant was the one who greeted Hendrix when the dog was returned to them in the airport, after enduring the tiring back and forth trip. Albach said that United Airlines apologized to them and offered them a full refund.

“When my mom called me I was like ‘my dog got sent to frickin Ireland? How Ireland? Not even like he went to Florida…he’s in Ireland.” Meredith told KNXV, after Hendrix was rerouted back to Phoenix, noting that she was happy that the dog was back but she thinks someone should be punished.

“Obviously, they take better care of people’s bags than they do their animals. Like, it’s just a dog. What do they care? They should not have their job anymore. I mean, he’s been on a plane for 24 hours.” Ms. Grant added. United Airlines did not elaborate on how the dog was mistakenly loaded to the Ireland flight.

News report on dog trip to Ireland by mistake instead to Arizona
Video Credit: CNN/KNXV

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