Dog, six days in car without food or water in West Seattle, left by owner but rescued (Video)

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A small dog spent six days in a car without food or water in West Seattle. Zipper, a pug-beagle mix dog, was rescued on Sunday, April 21, 2013, after it was allegedly left by its owner, reports, as shown in the video below. The dog is now under the care of Seattle Animal Shelter.

dog six days in car

Zipper the Dog, which was left alone inside a car
for 6 days without food or water

Credit: video

As noted in the report this Thursday, April 25, Seattle Police Department said that security guards at the parking lot of Quality Food Center (QFC) in Westwood Village. They said they noticed the poor dog at the back of the car at around 1 a.m. last Sunday and called 911. Zipper the Dog was seen shaking and frightened.

Apparently, one of the security guards told the police that the car had been parked in the same spot for at least six days. However, he noted that he was not sure how long the dog had been left alone inside the car. Zipper was immediately given food and water, before they called the local police.

The owner of the car was not found because it had been recently sold. Nevertheless, investigators said that a man, who was believed to be the owner’s boyfriend, is the one responsible for taking care of Zipper, while the owner is away. No charges have been filed, as of this writing.

“We’re going to have a conversation with this individual, try to educate them about the proper care for the dog and let them know that it’s not acceptable to leave a dog inside a car on a warm day like today.” Don Baxter, manager of animal care and volunteer programs for the Seattle Animal Shelter, told the report.

Based on the latest update at the official website of Seattle Animal Shelter, Zipper has not been returned to the caretaker who left him in the car, and still remains on their shelter. Nevertheless, the dog is now happy, energetic, appears to be in good health, and is being well cared for by animal care staff.

News report about a dog that was rescued after spending 6 six days inside a car without food or water
Video Credit: KOMO News

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