Dog rescued in Idaho after 19 hours stuck underground (Video)

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A dog was rescued in Idaho on Saturday, after being stuck underground for about 19 hours, as shown in the video below.

Dog rescued in Idaho
Photo credit: Idaho’s NewsChannel 7

As published at, a Jack Russell Terrier named Eddie has spend around 19 hours underground after falling into an immigration box and got stuck in a pipe 30 feet down under.

According to the report, truck driver Glen Farrell brought Eddie with him on his delivery trip to Pacific Supply in Boise which he said he usually does as a typical dog owner.

But apparently, the one and a half year old Jack Russell Terrier was trapped underground in the yard and Farrell only realized it when he heard Eddie barking right beneath where he was standing.

“I could see him down in there, way down in there,” Glen Farrell told the news, as Eddie is a kind of dog that is known to be a natural hunter..

But the rescue did not come easy since there was a steel pipe and asphalt to be removed before Eddie can be freed from the horizontal irrigation pipe.

Later, an animal rescue team arrived in the area bringing along with a backhoe and began digging, where Control Officer Jason Staley who was among them told the news that Eddie was not giving up.

Finally, Farrell saw Eddie poking his nose through a hole cut within the pipe, until the black-and-white dog was pulled up moments later and jumped into his owner’s arms.

“The feel-good endings like this, it definitely makes it worth it,” Staley told the report

“He’s shaking a little bit,” Farrell said, as seeing Eddie covered with dirt and mud, noting that his dog is always in trouble but this is the first time it happened to him.

“He just wants to go home now, and have a bath and sit by the fire, probably. You hear these stories, and you think, well, you know… but here we are. We’re one of them now.” Farrell added.

Below is the news video about this dog rescue story, credited to Idaho’s NewsChannel 7.

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