Dog Covered in Tar Found in India

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dog covered in tar

Dog Covered in Tar
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A dog covered in tar was reportedly found in the Western part of India. The poor dog was able to survived the hot tar that covered his whole body.

Click here to watch the touching video of the dog covered in tar as rescuers treat him.

Reports say that about four individuals helped in the rescue.

A witness said that the dog was seen lying motionless on the ground covered with dirt and twigs. He immediately called for help at a local rescue centre based in Udaipur, Rajasthan.

The help desk confirmed that someone contacted them saying,

We received a call on our help-line that a dog was stuck in a pool of tar behind the Town Hall in Udaipur, India.
We immediately sent our ambulance to find a young dog completely covered in a pool of tar that had leaked out of a container. We could see his eyes darting back and forth in a panic, but otherwise he couldn’t move a muscle.
The tar was nearly rock solid, but still warm enough for us to pull the dog out of the tar so that we could bring him to our shelter for treatment.

Animal Aid Unlimited recorded the rescue of the dog covered in tar.

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