Dog bites shark YouTube video in Australia goes viral

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A “dog bites shark” YouTube video which was taken in a beach in Australia last month went viral recently, as shown below.

Dog bites shark in Australia
Image Credit: ruste13/YouTube

As noted in Australian news sites on Thursday, July 21, 2011, a shark was bitten by a dog and was caught on video by Russell Hood-Penn, who uploaded it on YouTube last June 8.

According to reports, Hood-Penn has been filming the waters at One Armed Point, an indigenous community about 200km north of Broome in Western Australia, and focused on two dogs swimming on the beach.

Later, when the dogs were near the shore, a group of sharks swim around and one of the dogs went under the water and bites a shark.

“He’s giving him a bite – the dog’s biting a shark. What the hell! That is unbelievable. I’ve seen it all now. Can you believe that?” Hood-Penn said on the video.

Hood-Penn noted that the reports that the video is better marketing for the region than advertisements from Tourism Australia, saying they had “too much cheese”.

However, Australian Tourism and Transport Forum chief executive John Lee reportedly does not agree with him and gave his reaction about the “dog bites shark” video.

“That certainly is an amazing piece of footage, but I don’t think vision of sharks practically on the beach is the right image to entice people to Australia.” Lee told Sydney Morning Herald.

Dog bites shark
Image Credit: ruste13/YouTube

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