Do Nothing For 2 Minutes: Website that allows visitors to relax for 2 minutes

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A new website called ‘Do Nothing For 2 Minutes’ was recently launched by Million Dollar Homepage creator Alex Tew, and apparently allows visitors to relax for 2 minutes, as shown in the screen shot below., a new website that literally speaks for its name, invites visitors to do nothing for 2 minutes, which means they have to wait patiently for minutes before knowing what’s behind that mysterious website.

However, if the visitor cannot wait for 2 minutes and will touch his mouse or keyboard while the site is making a countdown, a ‘Fail’ message will appear and he should wait for another 2 minutes.

In addition, the homepage has a message that says ‘Just relax and listen to the waves. Don’t touch your mouse or keyboard’, with a background photo of a beautiful sunset and a cool audio track of ocean waves.

On the other hand, if the visitor have spend 2 minutes doing nothing, the website homepage displays “Well Done” and inviting visitors to like it on Facebook and follow it on Twitter page.

Below is the message of the website’ creator Alex Tew, taken from TechCrunch, and was said to have collaborated with software developer Ben Dowling to complete this simple project.

“I had been thinking how we spend every waking minute of the day with access to an unlimited supply of information, to the point of information overload.

I also read somewhere that there is evidence that our brains are being re-wired by the internet, because we get a little dopamine kick every time we check our e-mail or Twitter or Facebook and there’s a new update.

So we’re all developing a bit of ADD, which is probably not great in terms of being productive.”

Alex Tew also created a website called Million Dollar Homepage back in 2005 when he was still a student, which invited everybody to buy pixels on a million-pixel graphic for $1 per piece, and eventually made him $1,037,100 richer.

Tew was said to have thought of this idea to support his college education, and then created the One Million People website on 2010 with almost the same concept.

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