Djedi Robot: Vital Technology in Discovering the Mysteries of the Pyramid in Giza behind the Gantenbrink Door (3D Video)

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Djedi Robot
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The Djedi robot has now earned center stage as the vital technology that has discovered some of the mysteries of the Great Pyramid in Giza by snaking its way behind the Gantenbrink door. This was disclosed in a series of reports by various news sites, May to June, 2011.

The Djedi robot is created by the team composed of Leeds University, Dassualt Systemes and Scoutek with the purpose of exploring the shafts in the Great Pyramid which has remained a mystery for thousands of years.

Previous robots have revealed startling discoveries in the past but the recent Djedi micro-snake robot was able to enter and “snake” its way to the inner portions of the shafts that human eyes had never laid eyes on in the modern world. The Djedi was able to reveal startling “red markings and graffiti” which were published in Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities official publication, the Annales du Services Des Antiquities de l’Egypte (ASAE.)

Shaun Whitehead, systems engineer and founder of the UK group in the Djedi project disclosed that the Djedi robot has the following features:

  • A micro-snake camera that operates like an endoscope
  • A coring drill that can penetrate the second blocking stone
  • A miniaturized ultrasonic device that can measure the thickness of the walls through sound
  • A precision compass and inclinometer that could measure orientation of shafts
  • A miniature beetle robot that can enter even smaller spaces.

A 3D image and video was created by the team to visualize and show what the Djedi robot has exactly “seen” inside the mysterious shafts.

Reportedly, Dr. Zahi Hawass, who has dedicated his life in discovering the mystery of the Great Pyramid, is optimistic that the Djedi robot will reveal more data to solve the mysteries of this wonder of the ancient world.  In 2012, it is believed that data and information can be sufficient to provide some answers to the mystery of the Great Pyramid.

Djedi Robot 3D
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