Disabled Mother of Triplets Granted Visitation Rights by Court

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Visitation Rights of Mothers
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Abbie Dorn, the mother of triplets, was granted temporary visitation rights by Superior Court Judge Frederick C. Shaller. This was disclosed by US news sites, March 25, 2011.

Abbie Dorn had become disabled after a medical complication that occurred during childbirth with the triplets, in June 2006.  From then on, she was severely disabled and could only communicate by opening and closing her eyelids.

According to Judge Shaller:

“The Court finds that even though Abbie cannot interact with the children, the children can interact with Abbie-and that the interaction is beneficial for the children.”

Her ex-husband Daniel had parented the triplets alone and had to “move on” and expressed this desire. A divorce filed by Abie’s parents in behalf of her was finalized in 2008.

Abie lives with her parents in South Carolina while Daniel Dorn had raised the 5 yr old triplets: Esti, Reuvi and Yossi in Los Angeles.

With this court ruling, precedence has been set that upholds the significant role of mothers in parenting.

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