Digital Dead Sea Scrolls launched by Google and Israel Museum, now available online (Video)

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Google and Israel Museum of Jerusalem worked together to release the Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Project, which was launched on Monday, September 26, 2011 as shown in the video below.

Digital Dead Sea Scrolls
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As noted at the official website of The Digital Dead Sea Scrolls, five complete scrolls from the Israel Museum have been digitized for the project at this stage and are now accessible online.

“We are privileged to house in the Israel Museum’s Shrine of the Book the best preserved and most complete Dead Sea Scrolls ever discovered,” James S. Snyder, Anne and Jerome Fisher, Director of the Israel Museum said on the website.

“They are of paramount importance among the touchstones of monotheistic world heritage, and they represent unique highlights of our Museum‘s encyclopedic holdings. Now, through our partnership with Google, we are able to bring these treasures to the broadest possible public.” The joint statement added.

Apparently, the Dead Sea Scrolls were the oldest known biblical manuscripts which were discovered between 1947 and 1956 in eleven caves on the northwestern shores of the Dead Sea.

Since 1965, these scrolls have been on exhibit at the Shrine of the Book at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, which also designed and developed the Dead Sea Scrolls website.

According to the DDS Collection, the five Dead Sea Scrolls that have been digitized as of this time include the Great Isaiah Scroll, the Community Rule Scroll, the Commentary on Habakkuk Scroll, the Temple Scroll, and the War Scroll.

The images of the scroll are high resolution at up to 1200MP to allow users see everything about the scrolls and examine text in exact detail, along with short explanatory videos.

The Dead Sea Scrolls Online
Video Credit: Google/YouTube

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