Digital Bullying Awareness Campaign Raised By Nickelodeon TV Ads

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Digital Bullying
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Digital bullying or cyber-bullying has become more prevalent on children and this encourages Nickelodeon to raise its awareness campaign against it, according to

Reports say that Nickelodeon is a popular television channel among kids ages 2 to 14.

Based on 2009 surveys by The AP and MTV, half of young people ages 14-24 admitted being a victim of cyberbullying.

Nickelodeon is reportedly running a public service television ad campaign starting on Monday, April 4. The Nick ads, that will run for two years, will feature some of its stars offering advice to young people about confronting cyber-bullying that include text, email, or Facebook or Twitter posts.

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Other television channels who earlier raised their concern on digital bullying are MTV and Disney Channel. All of these media entities are collaborating with advocacy group Common Sense Media.

Below is one of the featured advice on the Nick ads from Ashley Argota (“True Jackson, VP“) and Gage Golightly (“The Troop“).

Sign off the computer; don’t reply to a hostile messenger; block bullies from access; make a copy of the message to show to an adult you trust.

It’s not tattle-telling. It’s standing up for yourself.

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