Diana Nyad ends 4th swim attempt from Cuba to Florida due to jellyfish and storm; breaks previous records

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American swimmer Diana Nyad ended her fourth attempt to swim from Cuba to Florida today, Tuesday, August 21, 2012 due to jellyfish stings and a storm that had pushed her badly off course. She has been taken out of the water, after more than 41 hours of swimming.

Diana Nyad, on her 4th swimming attempt
from Cuba to Florida

Image Credit: Christi Barli/DianaNyad.com

As noted at DianaNyad.com on Tuesday morning, Nyad has already swim longer and farther than in any of her earlier attempts to swim from Cuba to Florida, which is 103 miles (around 166 kilometers) apart, before she decided to call it quits at 12:55 a.m on Tuesday, a day before her 63rd birthday.

According to the report, she was stung by box jellyfish nine times on Monday night alone, with sharks surrounding her while a team of divers worked for hours in the darkness to discourage them away. Her third attempt was in September 2011 and she quit after swimming for more than 40 hours.

“When can I get back in? I want full transparency that I was out. But I have plenty left in me and I want to go on.” Nyad was quoted in the report, and was not discouraged by the stung of the jellyfish but was later convinced not to continue due to the bad weather that might also endanger the life of the entire team.

“We pulled her out of the water. The dangers were so great that we couldn’t risk anyone’s life, including her own.” Steve Munatones, the swim’s official observer, was quoted telling to ABC‘s “Good Morning America,” with support crews saying that Nyad had severe sun burn, a strained bicep muscle and could barely walk.

Nyad‘s second attempt to become the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage, dubbed as Xtreme Dream, was in August 2011, where she quit after swimming for about 29 hours, due to severe pain and ocean swells. Her first attempt was in 1978, where she swam almost the same hours as her last attempt but did not get as far just like she did today.

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