Diamond Planet: WASP-12b Could Be A Diamond-Studded Planet

By on Dec 11, 2010 in Astronomy, Science Comments
Diamond planet
WASP-12b Diamond Planet
Image Credit: JPL-Caltech / NASA

The planet called WASP-12b could have an interior abundant in diamonds. This is according to a team of astronomers who have assessed the planet’s atmosphere.

According to international news, planet WASP-12b is the first found to contain more carbon than oxygen that would probably have landscapes of diamond and graphite.

“The high carbon-to-oxygen ratio indicates a carbide or diamond interior rather than the silicate geology of the Earth,” Princeton astrophysicist Nikku Madhusudhan was quoted saying.

Meanwhile, reports said that not everyone is convinced about the findings which were said to be based only on just four data points.

The diamond planet as the astronomers call it, was first detected last year by the Wide-Angle Search for Planets (WASP), UK‘s leading team of planet discoverers.

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