Derek Jeter weight gain photo after ankle injury goes viral (Photo)

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Derek Jeter is reportedly gaining weight, as shown in the photo below, and is now going viral. Jeter is on rest from baseball due to the ankle injury he suffered in early October during Game 1 of the 2012 ALCS, while the New York Yankees was playing against the Detroit Tigers, as he attempts to reach for a ground ball.

Derek Jeter weight gaining body

Derek Jeter, with his weight gaining body
Image Credit: via New York Post

According to the New York Post on Friday, November 30, 2012, Derek Jeter was spotted at a hotel on South Beach in Miami on Thursday, wearing a walking boot on his left foot as a protection for his broken ankle. He underwent a surgery last October 20 and is being expected to need 4 to 5 months to fully recover.

As noted in the report, Brian Cashman, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the New York Yankees, said that Jeter now lacks regular exercise and he cannot put any weight on his injured foot, causing him to gain weight, with his built now a bit far from his usual physique.

“I saw that the picture said he was heavy. I can’t tell you he is heavy. Even if he was, I’m not worried about Derek Jeter in that capacity in any way. You are not going to find anybody more committed to being the best he can be than Derek Jeter.” Cashman was quoted at when he saw the photo on the newspaper.

“You can’t speed up the healing process. Right now, the doctors’ orders are rest. So I have no worries about Derek Jeter. There is nothing about Derek Jeter that I have to worry other than rest.” Cashman added, noting that the 38-year old five-time World Series champion is doing well on his recovery.

Derek Jeter breaks his left ankle, during 2012 ALCS Detroit Tigers vs New York Yankees Game 1
Video Credit: DollarDawg17/YouTube

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