Dennis Rodman fired, misspells Melania Trump’s Name on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ (Video)

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Dennis Rodman fired

Dennis Rodman

Former NBA player Dennis Rodman was fired from the Celebrity Apprentice show due to a misspelled name of Melania Trump.

Reports say that the basketball superstar and Hall of Famer led a team, named Team Power, that was asked to create a beauty product ad. Rodman and his team made a major blunder when they used “i” instead of “e” on Mrs. Trump‘s name. Team Power placed the slogan, “Simply… Milania” on top of the promo.

The glaring mistake on the name of Donald Trump‘s wife maybe one of the reasons that led to Rodman‘s exit in the Celebrity Apprentice. Reports say that Rodman’s regular boardroom appearance may also have gotten the ire of Donald Trump.

A shocked Melania Trump said that she “cannot believe that they spelled my name wrong. It’s all over the place and nobody even noticed. Amazing.”

Rodman was fired together with Team Power‘s graphics-in-charge, Trace Adkins.

Dennis Rodman presents ad before getting fired from the Celebrity Apprentice.
Credit: mrbearduck2 on YouTube

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