Delta Airlines cancels 250 flights at Minneapolis-St. Paul airport due to power outage

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Delta Airlines canceled 250 flights on Saturday, May 21, at Minneapolis-St. Paul airport due to power outage.

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According to US news sites, Delta Airlines spokeswoman Betsy Talton announced that a power outage occurred at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport and more than 250 flights were canceled.

Apparently, the said power outage reportedly lasted for about 9 and a half hours and the airline has been working to rebook the affected passengers as soon as possible.

On the other hand, Minneapolis-St. Paul airport Public Affairs Manager Melissa Scovronski told reports that the power outage started at 8 a.m. CDT.

According to the airport personnel, the power outage affected Terminal 1’s A, B, C and D concourses, which is being occupied by Delta Air Lines, and the cause has not yet been determined.

As of this writing, concourse B is only one encountering problems as Scovronski was said to have announced that the power was restored in the other concourses.

Nevertheless, Scovronski noted that some Delta flights may still be canceled until Sunday morning and strongly suggests passengers to contact the airline before going to the airport.

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