Dejected followers of Harold Camping may seek support and comfort from the Calvary Bible Church (Video)

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Support from Calvary Bible Church Milpitas
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As recently reported from International Business Times, May 22, 2011, different members of churches near Oakland, California, where Family Radio is similarly situated, are providing comfort and support to depressed followers of false Doomsday prophet Harold Camping, who has apparently predicted apocalypse on May 21, 2011.

As initially reported, followers became devastated when no earthquake of magnitude greater than the one experienced by Japan (9.0) took place; and it became apparent that Camping’s prediction was false.

Further reports attest that many of Harold Camping’s followers had sold their possessions and quitted their jobs before the May 21 date, believing that the Doomsday predictions to be true.

As further attested by related reports, Calvary Bible Church in Milpitas, California was so concerned that Camping’s followers could experience severe depression.

Accordingly, Pastor Jacob Denys of Calvary Bible Church, intended to wait outside the nonprofit’s headquarters on Saturday to counsel supporters who might have been disheartened.

Reports also revealed that Pastor Jacob Denys led a group of his church members to Family Radio headquarters in Oakland, California on May 21, 2011 around 4 p.m. and told International Business Times that it was their duty “to reach out to those people who might have bought the lie.”

Allegedly, Pastor Jacob Denys was even quoted saying, “The cold, hard reality is going to hit them that they did this, and it was false and they basically emptied out everything to follow a false teacher.” He continued saying, “We’re not all about doom and gloom. Our message is a message of salvation and of hope.”

Calvary Bible Church extends hope and love to Doomsday prophet Harold Camping’s followers
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