David Blaine stunt: Magician to be ‘electrified’ with million volts in New York

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Magician and illusionist David Blaine will perform his latest stunt on Friday, October 5, 2012, where he will be electrified with million volts while standing in high platform in New York. The event will be watched by the public for free, and will be sponsored by Intel‘s Ultrabook.

David Blaine stunt electrified

David Blaine stunt rehearsal
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As noted at the New York Times on Monday, the David Blaine stunt, which is called “Electrified: One Million Volts Always On,” will be held at Pier 54 in Hudson River Park, in Manhattan, near West 13th Street, where he will spend three days and three nights being electrocuted by a million volts streamed by Tesla electrical coils.

According to the report, the 39-year old endurance artist will wear a safety gear suit, a wire helmet, and metal-soled boots that will serve as a conductor so that electricity will not flow through his body. A team of medical experts and scientists will be closely monitoring his act.

“Being in an electromagnetic field for that long, we don’t know what it’ll do. I hope it gives me some special abilities to shoot electricity from my fingers.” David Blaine was quoted in a press conference on Tuesday, after showing a preview of his upcoming stunt.

“Each of the seven Tesla coils can generate a million volts, so we’re roughly estimating that the total amount that actually reaches him is at least a million volts,” Liberty Science Center president Paul Hoffman was quoted in the paper.

“Nobody’s ever been in the middle of a lightning storm for 72 hours, so it’s hard to predict what’s going to happen.” Hoffman added, with Blaine to stand on 20-foot-high pillar during the entire time of his stunt. It will also be shown London, Beijing, Tokyo, and Sydney, and will be streamed live at YouTube.

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