David Beckham crucifixion painting draws police investigation (Photo)

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Kent, England – A David Beckham painting showing him being crucified with a one dollar bill above is now under police investigation due to a reported complaint, according to Daily Mail on Monday.

David Beckham crucifixion painting
Photo credit: Daily Mail UK

Apparently, the painting entitled ‘Listen to me and not to them’, showed the popular British football player on a cross similar to that of Jesus Christ, and was displayed at Johnny Cotter Gallery in Folkestone, Kent, in which the complainant found it offensive.

As shown in the photo, David Beckham is being crucified on a Cross, wearing a red long sleeve British football shirt and a white cloth on his lower part, with both hands and feet bleeding.

Reports said that the Beckham painting was created by artist Johnny Cotter, who said that he had some complaints before but were outnumbered by the people who have admired it.

Below is the statement of Johnny Cotter, defending his art work.

“This is not an anti-Christian painting. The point of it is to question who we worship in the 21st century. Is it God or is it people like David Beckham or reality TV stars who get paid with millions and are looked up to.”

“I chose Beckham because he is a modern day icon and known the world over. I am commenting on the cult of modern day celebrity.”

“Who do we really worship in the 21st Century? In fact the local vicar told me I have done more to open up debate in Folkestone on religion than anyone else for 30 years.”

“The painting appeared in my window the day I opened and I had a small doorstep protest, bibles pushed through my letterbox and various notes and letters condemning me and telling me to turn away from the devil.”

“I have tried to explain that it’s not a religious piece but a thought provoking piece of modern day art.”

The controversial David Beckham crucifixion painting was said to be on that gallery since November last year, and the artist said that singer Boy George contacted him once and inquired if he could acquire it.

Later, Cotter was said to have agreed to put down the painting over the weekend.

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