Daredevil Jonathan Trappe flies 18,000 feet high above Mexico using only Helium Balloons (Photos)

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An American daredevil named Jonathan Trappe flies 18,000 feet high above Mexico using only a bunch of homemade Helium-filled balloons, according to international news sites on Wednesday.

Trappe, a 37-year old trained-pilot who was said to have made almost similar stunts before, flew up the sky in Mexico recently along with some dozens of high-performance balloons and reached to as much as 50 mph during his flight.

Wearing sunglasses, while bringing along oxygen for emergency purposes and a camera, Jonathan Trappe took photos of the earth far below him, as he controls his altitude by releasing air from the balloons.

The balloons also had a Mexican national flag, as Trappe made his ‘journey to the sky’ sitting on a chair, in celebration with Festival International Del Globo 2010 in Mexico.

The brave daredevil cut away some of the balloons to help him land back on the ground.

Jonathan Trappe, who seemed to make his own remake of a scene in Disney Pixar’s film ‘Up’, was assisted by his 10-strong support crew on the ground.

“This was a truly outstanding flight. I was wonderfully inspired by it.” Trappe apparently said after his flight.

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