Dangerous airplane stunt caught on camera in Texas, FAA to investigate (Video)

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A dangerous airplane stunt in Texas, as shown in the video, has caught the attention of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which will conduct an investigation after proper documents concerning the daredevil act were not found. The original video footage was uploaded at YouTube by Those Crazy Texans.

dangerous airplane stunt

Dangerous airplane stunt in Texas
Image Credit: Those Crazy Texans video

“What it looks like to have a plane fly within 2 feet of you at 200mph.” A statement reads on the description of the 19-second video, which shows a fast-moving biplane approaching a man riding on a moving all-terrain vehicle on the road. But before the two could collide, the plane maneuvered to the right and avoided the crash.

Shortly after, the speedy plane can be seen passing to the left side of the cameraman, but barely misses him and left him a cloud of smoke. The camera slowly shifted to the right, showing the plane flying upwards coming from behind, and going back to its initial location until it was gone out of sight.

As noted at WFAA.com, an ABC-affiliated news agency in Dallas/Fort Worth, some social media sites and blogs said that the dangerous airplane was a practice session for an upcoming air show shot at the Lancaster Municipal Airport. The pilot has already been identified, but his name was not mentioned in the report.

“He does have an FAA aerobatic waiver. We are required to keep a copy the waiver on file. We do have a copy of that waiver, and have verified it’s currently valid.” Lancaster City Manager Opal Mauldin Robertson told the report, noting that the pilot leases a space from a tenant who is currently renting the airport.

“The city will be fully cooperating with the Federal Aviation Administration in reviewing the activities of that pilot.” Robertson added, with the FAA noting that the agency could not immediately find the pilot’s waiver in relation to his dangerous airplane stunt. However, the pilot was said to be very concerned with safety.

Dangerous airplane stunt in Texas
Video Credit: ThoseCrazyTexans/YouTube

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